Peter Matulis wrote:

> I have installed the squeezer2 log analyzer and it
> tells me I am saving only 1% bandwidth.

> My host is a 450 MHz with 192 MB RAM. I am using 4
> fibre channel drive array.

> Here is my simple config:

Two lines from this are of interest:

> cache_dir ufs /var/squid/cache 100 16 256

You are only storing 100 MB of cache. The larger your cache, the more
objects Squid can keep in the cache, and the better your cache hit rates.
Assuming you have the disk space, try increasing the "100" to "1000" and
see if that improves your bandwidth saving.

> cache_mem 32 MB

I would suggest leaving this at the default of 8 MB until your cache fills
up and you get a better idea of how your system handles the load.