Hi Peeps,

I've to implement a solution here. Clients are issued usernames and
passwords which they will use to logon to squid. These usernames/passwords
should be valid for only half an hour. The password has to travel encrypted.
I'm running squid on linux.

To implement this, I have to write a authenticator either (maybe in perl) ..
say digest. Basic is easy but password is not encrypted over the wire. I'm
thinking of storing all the user/passwords in a dbm file and have the
authenticator read it. Time it every 15 min and keep updating the dbm file.

For this I've set the
auth_param digest credentialsttl 0.25 hours
auth_param digest program /etc/squid/test/test.pl
auth_param digest children 5
auth_param digest realm My External Authenticator
auth_param digest nonce_garbage_interval 5 minutes
auth_param digest nonce_max_duration 30 minutes
auth_param digest nonce_max_count 50

Is there any simple way to achieve the above? Also I've no experience
writing digest authenticator for squid. Can anyone give me pointers please?