On Fri, 9 Apr 2004, Mark Tinka wrote:

> i've been seeing some threads where de-activation
> and/or NO creation of the /swap paritition is
> recommended in ensuring the system doesn't swap..

For a Squid server it is recommended to not have a swap to ensure the
Squid metadata is never swapped out. Just make sure you have sufficient
amount of RAM (the guideline in the FAQ is on the safe side).

For a general purpose server having a swap of twice the memory is
recommended, but a Squid server is not a general purpose server.

> typically, i configure 512MB swap partitions on my
> Linux systems.. following on the advice in relative
> threads, should i create a /swap partition and turn it
> off in the filesystem table, or not create the /swap
> partition altogether..?.

Does not really matter. If you create the swap partition but don't
activate it, or don't create the swap partition. The only difference is
that if you create the swap partition without activating it then you waste
some disk space. Personally I would prefer having that disk space for
bigger capacity of archiving logs.