On Tue, 6 Apr 2004, Xavier Baez wrote:

> I also read that I must change Apache to listen on port 81 (instead of
> port 80) in order to enable httpd-accelerator

I generally advice against this.

The rule is that only one server can listen on the same iport. If you
want to run both Squid and Apache on the same box then either the IP or
port they listen on must be different and I recommend using different
IPs, for example the official IP for Squid, for Apache.

> "Make sure your http_access rules is correct, only allowing access to your
> web servers."
> Could anybody please tell me a correct configuration to make Squid serve
> as a httpd-accelerator for my ip xx.xxx.xx.xx and don't work as an open
> proxy for the dangerous internet?

One example:

acl myserver dstdomain your.accelerated.domain
acl http protocol http
acl port80 port 80

http_access allow myserver http port80
http_access deny all

> Will Squid make users downloading files have a better service? THe
> problem I'm having with apache right now is that downloads are cutted in
> the middle of the transfer ;(

This should not happen with Apache either.. most likely some other problem
causing this.