i have this big big big problem that disturb my nights!!!

I am running a simple bash script which compares two text files and, in case
they are different, change squid.conf and makes a squid reloa (or a squid -k

I am using this scripts since some years, in Red Hat 6.2 and in Red Hat 7.3,
always it runs from /etc/crontab regularly. It worked fine for me!

Now i am running this script in Red Hat 9 and i notice that, even though the
script is correctly launched from cron, it takes no effects into squid! The
new policies are not reloaded! If i enter the server manually and type
"squid -k reconfigure" or "service squid reload" it works fine!

The only problem is when it is launched from crontab. I have also checked
path, permission, ownerships and everything seems ok!

Could you please help me in order to solve this mysterious problem? Thank
you in advance for your kind interest.

Best regards,