Jay W. Reffner wrote:

> I've got an OpenBSD box running Squid 2.5 Stable 5 that's pretty busy.
> When it gets to around 30% squid process usage, my Layer 4 transparent
> switch thinks that squid's down and kills my L4 redirection even though
> it's not really. So what happens is when my L4 switch backs off and
> stops forwarding HTTP requests to my squid box, it relieves the load
> enough to the point where the L4 switch then thinks it's back up and
> starts forwarding HTTP requests again.

Check with your switch vendor to see if there's any way to adjust the dead
host detection parameters.

You could also try switching to a different OS - while very secure, recent
benchmarks showed OpenBSD lagging badly in performance and scalability
compared to Linux and the other BSDs: