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aladakem wrote:

> How best can I install Squid proxy to be able to have high hit rate? I
> installed squdi2.5 stable 5 and running web polygraph with a target rate
> of between 100 to 200/s, each time I ran my experiment, I got very low hit
> rate , always less than 30%.

> Is there any particular version of squid that I should use or i need
> special configuration.

No special version, but you can do some tuning with the refresh_pattern
settings in your squid.conf that may improve this.

Hit rates will also depend on the kind of content you are accessing - large
amounts of dynamic and/or SSL content will drive your hit rates down
because Squid can't cache this effectively (if at all).

> I have more than enough file descriptor on the FreeBSD OS I used for this
> experiement.

File descriptors have nothing to do with cache hit ratios.