On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Greg Swallow wrote:

> Assuming documentation at
> http://www.bowiesnyder.com/writings/caching_shtml.htm is true, my
> squid-based reverse proxies shouldn't be caching HTML documents that are
> server parsed. However, it appears that the four reverse proxies I have
> sitting in front of my webservers are?

How the page was generated on the server does not matter that much other
than that server generated pages usually does not have caching
information, what matters is the HTTP headers of the response and to some
extent your refresh_pattern settings in squid.conf.

Some good references to understand these concepts better:

Caching Tutorial for Web Authors and Webmasters

Cacheability Engine

> Also according to this documentation, I should be able to test whether
> or not Apache is responding to IMS requests by checking for HTTP 304
> result codes in my webserver logs.

304 or not is not a good indicator, other than if you see 304 then it is
almost certain the responses are cachable (but still not guaranteed).

Server generated pages usually never results in 304 as the server can not
easily tell if the sources of the page has been modified or not, but still
can be cached.