On Wed, 31 Mar 2004, Douglas Lane wrote:

> Now on a client machine, running IE6 with no updates, canít access an FTP
> site like ftp.is.co.za Ė You just get a time-out error. However, take the ip
> address of that server and it does go through.

Try fiddling with the "folder view for FTP" option in MSIE. May help.

Applying the latest IE6 security updates is also an recommendation.

> Now to add all odd-ness, the client CAN access the ftp server via
> ftp://anonymousassword@ftp.is.co.za without a hitch. Odd heh?

Indeed. But IE6 is odd in many ways and I have since long stopped being
suprised when seeing new bug reports. IE6 is a definite lowwater mark on
quality when it comes to HTTP and proxy connection maintenance.

- Serious authentication problems
- Problems with FTP
- Problems with displaying error pages
- Even worse problems with displaying error pages in response to CONNECT

It is slowly getting better with the updates however..