Greetings Squid community,

I am building a 2x 2.8GHz P4, no HT, 4Gig RAM squid engine on
a Linux 2.6 with reiser4 and wccp (Gentoo - everything from
source) no auth

this is a production group of 1000 concurent users. the pipe
to the Internet is 20Mbit

1st question: Should I go with Squid 2.5 or 3.0 ? (I plan 2.5)

2nd question: there are 4 x 80Gig 7200RPM, 8Mb cache ATA disks
and one SCSI Raid partition of 120Gig

I will use 70% for disk cache data with reiser4. the rest 30%
will be empty

ATA disks score 55 on hdparm -t while the raid partition goes
up to 110

as far as performance, shoud I use only the ATA disks or
the ATA along with the scsi raid partition? How about the
scsi raid partition solo (1 physical disk for squid). I am not
sure squid will handle well the speed difference between the
ATA and the scsi raid partition

final question: thoughts about squid with clamav plugin from
the point of functionality, resources etc...

any input, pointers is always of great value!
please cc:

Best Regards,

Alexandros C. Couloumbis
Network Operations Center
Technical Chamber of Greece