--- Peter Lustig wrote: > If
you don't need the support, I would also suggest
> to take a stable and
> heavily tested Debian Woody. With this one, you can
> always be sure to
> get security updates even in the not so close
> future. With SuSE you can
> not be sure to get updates in two years or later.

not sure i understand what you mean by this

> Some useful links (at least they were useful for
> me):
> Which filesystem to choose for the cache disks:

> This article helped me a lot:


thanks, will definitely check these out...

> Besides that, I started with SuSE (7.0) too, but by
> getting more
> advanced it always was a pain in the ass when yast
> overwrote my manually
> edited configuration files.

well, that was a problem with SuSEconfig.. it has
since matured and doesn't give me any of those
problems nowadays..

i guess it's all about being there thru thick and
thin.. ..



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