On 31.03 16:48, Greg Swallow wrote:
> Assuming documentation at
> http://www.bowiesnyder.com/writings/caching_shtml.htm is true, my
> squid-based reverse proxies shouldn't be caching HTML documents that are
> server parsed. However, it appears that the four reverse proxies I have
> sitting in front of my webservers are?

Well, caching depends on headers like Last-Modified, Expires: and Cache:
you can make uncacheable static pages as long as cacheable dynamic pages.
I'd check all headers that client and server send, to be sure if that's a
bug, or those pages are made in the way they can be cached
(why not to cache a page that hasn't changed?)

> Also according to this documentation, I should be able to test whether
> or not Apache is responding to IMS requests by checking for HTTP 304

shouldn't that be 306?

> result codes in my webserver logs. I don't see any -- I just see 200's
> for the affected web content. I think this started happening when I
> upgraded from 2.5-stable1 to 2.5-stable4. Has anyone else run into this
> problem?

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