On 31.03 09:42, trainier@kalsec.com wrote:
> Well, the cache_mem thing sounds interesting. I'm going to try 512MB to
> start with.
> My filesystem isn't close to 90% full. Only about 6 gigs being using in
> total (including the cache).
> I appreciate all your suggestions.

for now that should be enough. maybe decreasing maximum_object_size to
20MB would help a bit.

> On 29.03 10:36, trainier@kalsec.com wrote:
> > 32-bit Architecture. What would you suggest cache_mem to be on a system
> > with 1 gig of ram?

> Ah! if you only have 1 gig of RAM, you really shouldn't set cache_mem to
> more... all of squid data should be in memory. As long as squid and system
> consume some memory even w/o squid cache, I'd set it to 512MB.
> Maybe then, if you have no other services running, and memory usage shows
> free memory, I'd grow it up to ~768MB

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