On Mon, 1 Mar 2004, Deepa D wrote:

> Hi,
> I have collected some info from squid and the
> redirector program wrt the malformed urls problem. It
> is a huge mail, kindly spare some time to read
> through.
> Making a premise, the redirector code comprises of
> two modules - the client is the one that is started by
> squid. It fwds the requests to the redirector server
> that takes care of processing the request. It then
> sends the response to the client which inturn fwds the
> response to the squid.
> The bug is that malformed urls are getting
> generated. The squid log for debug_options ALL,1 61,9
> 33,5 is also pasted below :-

Please also include debug section 84,9, and isolate your traces to only
the failing cases. For the failing cases include all output from
parseHttpRequest up to helperSubmit.

Are you using append_domain?