On Tue, 2 Mar 2004, unixware wrote:

> My machine has following software installed
> linux kernel 2.6.3 ( Redhat 9 )
> squid-2.5-Stable-5 compiled with --with-pthreads
> --enable-async-io

The Squid async-io has not yet been verified with NPTL and certainly not
with the Linux-2.6 version thereof. I do not expect there should be any
big problems, but one never knows..

But what I can say is that Squid-2.5 compiled on Fedora Core 1 with the
latest 2.4 NPTL kernel does start the threads and ps -m does show them,
and this is also verified on RedHat-9 with the latest updates applied
(also 2.4 based).

Has anyone tried the Fedora Core 2 test releases (natively Linux-2.6