On Wed, 3 Mar 2004, W3bbo wrote:

> But from what I've read in the FAQs for Squid is that its used in a similar way to LAN Proxies, (IE > Tools > Connection) rather than a web-accessable one like The-Cloak.com

Correct. Squid IS a proxy. It can be used both as a Internet proxy or as a
reverse-proxy/surrogate infront of selected web servers.

When used as a proxy it does provide some anonymization features for
http:// requests (but not https:// due to the encryption).

> So if someone could get in touch with me and walk me through the basics of configuring it like the-cloak.com I'd appreciate it

Squid is not the best tool for this job.

A easier approach is to write a CGI application or similar web server
plugin. The major part of services like the-cloak.com is the HTML rewrites
needed, not the "proxying".