I am new to squid and have searched google and squid-cache.org for this answer
but am left with out an answer.

My system is a dual 2.4 GB with 1GB of RAM .. upgradable, Intel server with IDE
drives no scsi... so I am running two drives with linux software mirror and it
is working great so far. So in order not to limit squid I want to put the cache
on a ramdisk.

I was going to make a ramdisk of 150MB for caching to start ... now the box only
goes down about once a month or so .. depending on what we are doing. I am not
to concerned about keeping the cache so if the box reboots I do not care about
my cache being removed.

So if I understand the documents correctly all I have to do is run:

/usr/local/squid/sbin/squid -z

On the directory after I mount it then start squid after a reboot ? Does anyone
see any problems here ?


Michael Gale
Network Administrator
Utilitran Corporation