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> Is anyone able to help me with a real example of squid_ldap_auth.exe if my Active directory looks like this:

The example in the manual for squid_ldap_auth is a real one for Active

If you want to search for the user DN and your directory
does not allow anonymous searches then you must also use
the -D and -w flags to specify a user DN and password to
log in as to perform the searches, as in the following
complex Active Directory example

squid_ldap_auth -p -R -b "dc=your,dc=domain"
-D "cn=squid,cn=users,dc=your,dc=domain"
-w "secret*squidpassword"
-f "(&(userPrincipalName=%s)(objectClass=Person))"

If you want to use the short login (without domain) then replace
userPrincipalName by sAMAccountName.