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Is anyone able to help me with a real example of squid_ldap_auth.exe if my Active directory looks like this:
-Someone LastName
-Anotherone LastName

So what would be the configuration if need to grant Internet access to all users in Group1 or all users in a group
inside Group1 etc.

I'm using these lines with no luck:

auth_param basic program C:/squid/libexec/squid_ldap_auth.exe -u cn -b
cn=3DGroup1,cn=3DUsers,dc=3DmyDomain,dc=3Dcom -h

external_acl_type ldap_group %LOGIN C:/squid/libexec/squid_ldap_group.exe -u cn -b
cn=3DGroup1,cn=3Dusers,dc=3DmyDomain,dc=3Dcom -h

acl G1 external ldap_group cn=3DGroup1,cn=3DUsers,dc=3DmyDomain,dc=3Dcom

http_access allow G1

Any thoughts?
Thank you

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