Hi List,

I am trying to set up some log analyzer for squid. I've set up
Webalizer as I've used it before for Apache log analyzing, and it's pretty
fancy and I like it. However, now I'm using it for Squid, and there is
something that doesn't logs, and it would be pretty important for me. I
don't see the hit/miss ratio, or anything related to this.
Now, is that possible to see with Webalizer, and I'm not smart enough
to find it out how? Or I should use some other tool for this. Note that I
also like the top hits, top kbs, all URLs (very important) etc., so I'd
like to see all these too if possible. Also if I have to change the tool, I
wouldn't want something that generates some binary file that I need to
parse with vi and work for hours to be able to find what I'm interested in.
Html is very nice, I'd like something similar to Webalizer if possible.

Thanks for any input on this matter.


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