Hi ,
As I found out Webalizer is the easiest one to use and
it gives the best and nicest output and I am happy
with it. ofcoz you can try Calamaris too, But I found
Webalizer is easy and gives the deired output without
any hitch. Thanks for those who helped me with
Calamaris error
get webalizer from http://www.mrunix.net/webalizer/


--- Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, ruben wrote:
> > I don't know which program to use; in

> sourceforge.net
> > have found Squidalyser, but I think it is too
> > complicated. There I have also found one generical

> > report-maker named logrep, but i can't make it

> work.
> Most log analysis programs operate in console mode
> returning HTML output
> for remote viewing in a browser.
> A list of log file analysis programs known to work
> with Squid and a rought
> description of their respective capabilities can be
> found under Related /
> Logfile analyses from the squid-cache.org homepage
> > finally, I have heard a few things about

> calamaris, but don't want to
> > try before knowing if it's good.

> Many like calamaris.
> But the first question to ask when selecting log
> file analysis package is
> what kind of reports you are looking for. What would
> you like the reports
> to include?
> Regards
> Henrik

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