On Sat, 28 Feb 2004, OTR Comm wrote:

> Am I correct in understanding that the first thing that Squid does when
> it receives a purge request (after it has verified proper authority,
> host, port, etc.) is remove the cache reference from memory with
> removeClientStoreReference(&sc, http) and then do the removal from
> swap.state and the L2 directory by setting the ipcache_entry expire time
> to squid_curtime in ipcacheInvalidate(const char *name)?

No, these are completely different things, not related to the object. You
need to follow the thread a little further down

ipcache is the DNS cache of hostname -> IP address lookups.

> Also, how does ip_table get to ipcache_get(const char *name) in
> ipcache.cc, and where is hash_lookup defined? That is from:

hash_lookup is defined in hash.cc.