On Fri, 27 Feb 2004, aiggno wrote:

> Hi all,
> My squid with 1 disk is running at 10.000 req/min (167req/s). The peak
> request of the system with 1 disk (seek time is about 6-12 ms) is 1000/6-12,
> around 83 - 167 req/s. Does it true ?

Sounds very high for a single drive. Usually the peak is seen somewhere
around 30-50 req/s depending on the speed of the drive.

Please note that there is a considerably higher stress on the drives when
the cache is full than when running with a mostly empty cache.

> Now, i want to add 1 more disk to increase the peak request. What I have to
> do are:
> - Plug the new disk, create the partition
> - Adding one more line cache_dir ... in squid.conf file
> - Run squid -z command


> Is it affect to the current files in the old cache_dir ?

Adding a new cache_dir does not affect the already cached files in other