Hello list,

I did some tests with a small and nice soft called KazaaHTTP
(www.iprisma.com/kazaahttp) that translate a SOCKS 5 connection
to a HTTP one. My big surprise when I tried to download a "licenced"
music from Kazaa from one machine and tried again from other. The
speed reaches 1033 kbytes/s (yes ! squid cached it nicely) !

Well ... at this moment you already figured out what happens when
Kazaa asks for small (and different) chunks of the file from other hosts ...
obviously, the squid doesn't have a way to cache it ...

This list is composed mainly of sysadmins that see tons of their
bandwidth going away day after day and I'm pretty sure that everybody
here will like to have a way to cache this content using a grateful and
reliable code that squid is, instead to use a proprietary and costly code
(PeerCache, CacheLogic, etc).

I don't know anything about squid internals so my question is:

"Duane, can't squid have a module to handle this kind of use?"