On Thu, 26 Feb 2004 martin.mueller@stadt.wolfsburg.de wrote:

> we got two webservers an differnet ports and of course different ip's.
> i wannted to put a reverse-proxyx in front of them to cache some requests
> but i think this is nor what i mentionted in the postings so far?

As the servers is on different ports the setup with Squid-2.5 is a little
tricky, but only a little.

There is two possible approaches

a) Use two http_port directives, one per port, and use the virtual port
accelerator mode.

b) Use a redirector helper to rewrite the port number accordingly.

Or you could look into using Squid-3 where this type of configurations is
a lot simpler. But be warned that Squid-3.0 is still under development and
is not yet released in a STABLE version suitable for production use.

But if you can make sure the servers run on standard ports your life will
be a bit simpler, and also the risk for problems is much less.