> Hi,
> We have been running Squid Version 2.4.STABLE7 for some time=20
> now without
> problems, though recently I've had a few reports of corrupt downloads.
> The file download okay and are the correct size (or appear to=20
> be) but are
> corrupt when they are unzipped or executed.
> I have tested the reported files myself by downloading them=20
> with and without
> the cache and true enough the files are being corrupted by=20
> the cache as they
> pass through it.
> The file sizes vary between 1-30MB
> Does anyone have any idea as to why this is happening?

- Are you using any parents offering bad QoS (Quality of Service) ?

> Is it time perhaps that I upgraded?

- Certainly advizable : to use the latest stable release
and verify this issue again.