But there is only 1 internet connection in Network A ..( ..
peoples in Network B should request to Network A if they want to surf to
internet .. I want squid in Network B will handle it before they passed to
Network A .. then I only set the acl for the squid for Network B.. I need
advice .. thanks

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Sent: Wednesday, February 25, 2004 8:30 PM
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> On Wed, 25 Feb 2004, Muthukumar wrote:
> > If the squid is going to handle ip-addresses which are in the particular
> > network ( it is not going to handle other requests means,
> > then what is the difference between
> >
> > and

> The difference is that the "all" ACL is assumed to always be true by
> the default setting of several of the squid.conf directives.
> Many of these directives have a default of "deny all", and if you redefine
> "all" to something else this becomes "allow all except your own users".
> Most notably this makes a significant difference in the icp_access and
> snmp_access directives.
> It is also very important for the default recommendation of ending your
> http_access rule with a
> http_access deny all
> to deny all other accesses to the proxy. If you redefine the "all" acl
> this makes the above mean the complete opposite, allowing everyone else
> access to use the proxy which quickly leads to disaster.
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> Henrik