Still not working!

> acl somename src

I setup an acl like so:

acl fderror src

> I think you want somehting like this:
> http_access deny ADVERTISE
> http_access allow our_networks password
> http_access deny all
> As for when/how to use deny_info this depends on what you want to
> accomplish.

Then I added:


but still Forwarding Denied errors are directed to the standard error
page, not to FD_Handler.cgi.

What I want to accomplish is have my users sent to instead
of displaying the ERR_FORWARDING_DENIED page when they try to access a
site that is not in the cache. Remember I have miss_access only allowed
for one user and a few ACLs, but none of my other users are allowed

Basically what I am trying to accomplish is a log of all URLs requested
but not found in the cache without having to parse the access.log or

I setup some rules like so for a test:

acl nogoogle dstdomain .google.com
http_access deny nogoogle


and this did indeed send me to FD_Handler.cgi when I tried to access
http://www.google.com and it had %s defined correctly (although it was

So I see that deny_info does indeed work (not that I doubted it), but I
can't get it to work for my requirement.


Murrah Boswell