We use delay-pools here at my company.
I noticed that delay_pools in 2.4Stable7 (which comes with RedHat 8) the
downloads were very fluid.
The data stream came it at a nice and steady pace.
We upgraded to 2.5Stable4 and we noticed that downloads are not smooth and
steady anymore.
Instead it's a bit jerky. The download-speed is maintained perfectly at
90KB/s but it just isn't fluid anymore.
The visual effect being browser-progressbars don't show a steady download
(anymore) but jump and jerk a bit.

Mind you, this is not a big deal for me, just an observation and i was
wondering if anyone else noticed this.

Here is the config (if relevant)
OS = RedHat 8.0
Squid = 2.5Stable4 manually compiled with only the "--prefix" and
"--enable-delay-pools" flags.
Snippet from squid.conf:
# Bandwith throttling parameters for the 2Mbit SDSL Connection.
delay_parameters 1 190000/190000 95000/95000

Kind regards,
Steven Rodenburg