i am usig the following configuration:

Content-Management-System <-----> Apache Webserver <------> Squid as
reverse Proxy <----> Internet

For maintenance it is necessary to run Squid for about 2 houres alone
the Apache Server.

In the past i realized this with filling the Squid-Cache with wgets,
than switching the squid.conf to a conf with an extremely high
value in the min and maxtime at the refresh-pattern for dot.

This worked fine in the squid version 2.4.

After updating to version 2.5stable4, squid canīt work alone
with this configuration.

Additional i tryed these parameters:

refresh_pattern . 2880 0% 3000 override-lastmod
override-expire ignore-reload
offline_mode on
connect_timeout 7

but squid works for about 5 minutes, than the cpu usage grows and
grows and we are offline.

The HTML-Pages are all without lifetime headers.

Any ideas about this issue ?