> Hi Squiders,
> Is there a way I can chose what information squid logs to the
> access.log? for example, I'm writing a piece of software and the only
> information I'm worried about are the ip address of the client which
> made the request, and the bytes sent to that client.
> This would be so much easier for me because at the moment I have to
> parse each line of the access.log then break it down into=20
> pieces and try
> to determine which piece refers to client ip and which piece refers to
> bytes sent to client. This doesn't always work properly and=20
> as a result,
> my software ends up trying to add the value of a mime type of=20
> a request
> to the total bytes a client has downloaded instead of it adding the
> bytes received for a request to the total bytes a client has=20
> downloaded.
> Am I making any sense? What are your thoughts?

Yes, but existing stuff may already have what you want :


I use Calamaris, which also gives overviews of how much traffic
was send to a client.