i've been using squid-graph for a couple of days now, & i noticed it
takes some time to analyze & graph my access.log (approx. 5 mins for 24
hrs worth of graph). analyzing a months worth of log would take a bit
more time than that.

maybe you can try hacking the code for your purpose, but do consult with
the developers first. the code is written in perl. wrote:

>Does anyone know howto make squid-graph display more than a 24 hour time slot of your proxy hits/access? By default it will only show the last 24 hours worth of hits and access through the proxy, even if the log it's reading from isn't being rotated every 24 hours. How could I make it display a monthly outlook on access/hits to the proxy. I'm having my logs rotate on a monthly basis and wondered howto get squid-graph to correspond with that.
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