> Does squid try to go out and update webpages that users frequently visit,
> like if I visit www.kernel.org in the morning will it keep checking whether
> it has an up to date page even if a user is not requesting that site or
> does squid only update it cache when users request a particular site?

Squid does not automatically check for update pages, but you can do this
with wget in a cron job.

You can put a list of urls in a file and then use the
'--input-file=file' or '-i file' option with wget to. For example

Other options to look at:

-r - recursive
-p or --page-requisites
-nd or --no-directories - Do not create a hierarchy of directories when
retrieving recursively
-nH or --no-host-directories
-q - quiet download
--tries=number - Set retries number

man wget shows all the options.

Then set http_proxy = in wgetrc to whatever
your squid server is and run wget from cron job whenever you want during
the day. Squid will get updated.

I am not an expert on wget, but I do use it to load/update Squid.

Murrah Boswell