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On Tue, 2004-02-24 at 03:30, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:
> On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Shane DeRidder wrote:
> > On occasion, and without any noticeable pattern, one of the two servers
> > will refuse connections to both web traffic and cache peering. The
> > period of time is usually quite short; less than a minute, but users of
> > these servers are noticing it.

> Anything in cache.log?
> Is it immediately refusing connections, or is there delays in accepting
> new connections?
> If delays then look into the SYN backlog queue size.


There's no delay, it's an outright connection refused as if the process
was no longer listening on the socket. cache.log doesn't show anything
of use with debug_options set to "ALL,1" but I've set that to "ALL,2" to
see if I can catch something. I now have a very healthy log file
growing.. =20

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