On Mon, 23 Feb 2004, Bobby Gochuico wrote:

> I just upgrade it to 512 RAM ( 512 / 2 for cache_mem = 200 ) right ?
> Setting now is at cache_mem 200 MB
> cache_dir ufs var/log/spool/squid 8500 16 256

This will require 200 (cache_mem) + 85 (cache_dir) + 20 (other) = 300 MB
for Squid. With the recommendation to have twice the amount in physical
ram you would need 600MB in this configuration, but 512 is fine. The
recommendation is based on the assumption that cache_mem is not set very

I would recommend using a much smaller value for cache_mem. There rarely
is any reason to use a cahce_mem much larger than 32 MB in an Internet
proxy. 16 MB is quite suitable for most installations.

Large cache_mem settings is mainly of benefit to reverse
proxies/accelerators where most if not all of the accelerated content can
fit in memory.