On Sun, 22 Feb 2004, Eric Kahklen wrote:

> Thanks. Do you know when Squid 3.0 will be release as a stable version?

When we are happy with it. Hopefully before the summer but no promise.

The original plan was to have it released long ago, but as always there is

> I guess I'd be more worried about the security issues related to the
> Squid code, but I have more faith in it, than IIS :-) Anyways, thats
> for the help!! And I look forward to the the production release of Squid
> 3.0 to use with my OWA box. There isn't a stable version that can
> accomplish this is there with the updates to 2.5???

There is some patches floating around, but it can not be compared with the
ease of using Squid-3.0. If you can run the OWA server in https:// mode
then the SSL update from http://devel.squid-cache.org/ may help. The main
feature missing with the SSL update is the originserver cache_peer option.

As long as you do not depend on Squid-3.0.PRE for production use I see no
problem with trying to use Squid-3.0.PRE until 3.0.STABLE is ready.