> Hello everyone,
> I recently installed a Windows 2000 Server on the network in=20
> order to act as a Software Update Services server to push=20
> Windows Updates down to my workstations. The problem I'm=20
> having is that when I am going through the squid proxy to=20
> access the administrative page for SUS I keep getting an ACL=20
> denied error. This occurs until I go directly to it without=20
> using the proxy (my proxy isn't a gateway proxy, just for web=20
> caching). I've setup my entire network in the topmost=20
> location within the Proxy Restrictions section of the ACL's.=20
> Therefore everything should be allowed. Unfortunately when I=20
> try to access I get this ACL=20
> denied access error. What do I need to do to fix this without=20
> having to change my browser each time to access this=20
> directly? The error says this exactly:
> HTTP 401.3 - Access denied by ACL on resource
> Internet Information Services
> This looks like it's something on the IIS server that is=20
> restricting me from accessing it, but like I said above I can=20
> access this admin page easily if I go directly to it, without=20
> using my proxy.

Perhaps the SQUID proxy is not allowed to use the Windows Service
(address range ACL ?).
Perhaps this could be verified by using a browser on the
proxy box; check then whether the service can be used from
this particular browser (session).