Scott Phalen wrote:
> I have two Windows Update servers internal in my network. By changing
> certain registry keys I can have the clients use those servers to download
> updates. Unfortunately I have 3000+ computers and changing them all is
> nearly impossible.
> Does anyone have a config I could use to redirect all
> windowsupdate.microsoft.com updates OR a link to show me how to create this
> config?

I believe that this is a routing issue, not a Squid issue specificially.

I believe that you would have better luck looking at iptables with NAT
and Redirect. I am not an iptables guru, but a guy I work with is, and
he does magic with routing issues and iptables.

look at
http://www.linuxquestions.org/questi...003/01/1/39970 to get
an idea of what iptables acn do if you don't already know.

It appears that what you want to do is capture port 80 traffic from your
network pointed to windowsupdate.microsoft.com (i.e., or and redirect it to one of your Update Servers (i.e., some
ip addresses on you network), correct?

Subscribe to the netfilter/iptablers user mailing list at
http://www.netfilter.org/mailinglists.html and ask those guys your
question. I am sure there are people there who have had and solved
similar problems, and maybe your's specifically.

Murrah Boswell