Redirect it (like you would porn or such) to a page saying it is blocked
to insure that computers remain compliant yadda, yadda. Give a link to
the SUS server for them to use.=20

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At 18.12 21/02/2004, Scott Phalen wrote:

>Actually, it is a mirror of Microsoft's Update Service. All updates=20
>(my concern is Critical Updates) are downloaded locally and by changing

>the "wuserver" registry key on the client machine, they get their=20
>critical updates via MSUS locally. Essentially the same as going out=20
>to Microsoft's servers but saving loads of bandwidth.

Again, I know MS SUS, I'm a SUS 2.0 beta tester !!!

>Is there a way to redirect a specific URL in squid to a web server=20
>inside the network?

Again NO:

- SUS doesn't mirror all Windows Update services contents
- All updates are digitally signed and verified, so you cannot fake the
Windows update site: Your clients will search for ORIGINAL Windows
updates Digital Signatures, not for the Digital signatures generated
from SUS.



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