I am running Squid Version 2.5 in conjuction with Smartfilter and Trend
Micro for http, ftp and smtp virus scanning on Linux RH 7.3 and I am
experiencing some memory utilization problem. Squid is running on a
Intel Pentium III with 1 Gig of RAM + a hard disk. No swap file has been
In order to characterize this issue, would you please answer to the
following question

1/ What can I do to reduce Squid's memory usage ?
2/ How do you collect Squid statistics ? Should I use cache manager
for doing so ?
3/ How to you tune Squid to avoid such memory utilization issue ? The
memory chapter in the Squid FAQ is pretty old. Is it still valid for
Squid Version 2.5 ?
4/ Squid.conf file contains the following parameters, do you have any
recommendation with regards to those parameters ?
cache_mem 16 MB cache_dir null /mnt/aplocaldisk/var/null

Thanks in advance for your prompt reply