Hello, I am very new to the world of squid.

First question ~ will WCCP V2 be incorporated in Squid 3.0?

Second question ~ This is pertaining to cache_mem size. Here is what I am
Dell 650 PowerEdge Server
3Ghz Processor/2GB RAM
146GB Hard Drive x 2
Linux Advanced Server 2.1

I configured squid to use a "big" partition (100GB). Squid is the only
process running on this server. There are roughly 1500 computers going to
be using this cache. I have an identical Dell 650 configured to help load
balance but when I start Squid on that server it tells me "Squid is already

What would you suggest the default cache_mem should be? Currently I have it
set at 1024MB.
I am watching my "TOP" screen to see how much CPU and MEM squid is using,
anyone know what RSS is? It is currently at 149M after squid running for
135 minutes. And it appears the memory is climbing pretty fast.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Scott Phalen
Information Services
City of St Paul