> > I had a lot of problems with squid 2.5stable6 on a Slackware 9.1.
> > I changed the configuration and the compile option a milion times,
> > enabling and disabling aufs and async-io, tuning the cache_mem and
> > cache_dir. After a while (say ten to thirty minutes) the daemon stops
> > answering request without any error message in cache.log, even if the
> > access.log reports correctly the request.
> >
> > Then I switched to squid-2.3-200305122300 and, using the same
> > squid.conf, everything started work smoothly.
> > I really can't understand it: same compile option, same squid.onf, same
> > computer... but one works and the other freeze after a while.
> >
> > Now I'm really happy with my *old* squid, but I don't know why it works...

> There is no 2.5stable6. What is the newer version that you were running?

You've told me that you are using 2.5.STABLE4. There is a known
bug that could cause the behavior you describe, but it was introduced
*after* 2.5.STABLE4. You might have been using that buggy code if
you got Squid from our anonymous CVS repository or if someone is
distributing a later version and still calling it STABLE4.

The bug either causes Squid to crash or to enter an infinite loop
and conusme 100% CPU time, which would result in the behavior that
you've described. http://www.squid-cache.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=891

Duane W.