On Fri, 6 Feb 2004, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

> If it happens again then please get a stack trace of the running squid to
> see if it is possible to see what it is doing.
> Another important question: Does "kill -9" work? If not there is a kernel
> problem.
> Regards
> Henrik

kill -9 works.

I have realized this line in logs today
pid 546 (squid), uid 65534: exited on signal 6
I also realized that squid couldnt write to my coredump directory because
of permissions (fixed now). I wil get a stack trace when I find a core

This is a bit of a lame question I guess, but how can I get the stack
trace because squid process doesnt exit? I checked from the FAQ, it

"There are two conditions under which squid will exit abnormally and
generate a coredump. First, a SIGSEGV or SIGBUS signal will cause Squid to
exit and dump core. Second, many functions include consistency checks. If
one of those checks fail, Squid calls abort() to generate a core dump."

So, my squid process doesnt exit with those signals. May I just give the
signal with kill command to the process when its in this loop?

The rest with the gdb etc. I can handle I guess...