> - Well, it is consuming a lot of cpu, and doesnt=20
> respond(crash?) at the=20
> same time. It doesnt answer to its port, it doesnt respond to the -k=20
> shutdown or kill -TERM [pid] commands.
> - I have checked the cache log every time this happened. It just has=20
> something else as the last entry. Usually its something about illegal=20
> domain names, some people always enter some domain names=20
> which are totally=20
> wrong. I doubt the problem is something about that. I also check the=20
> operating system's logs like messages file etc. There is absolutely=20
> nothing. I check the memory status and shared memory status.=20
> I didnt see=20
> anything weird.
> - I have tried rebuilding the OS and the squid. I think=20
> FreeBSD was about=20
> version 5.1 when I started using the 5.x versions and now its=20
> almost 5.3=20
> version. Everytime I recompiled the operating system from=20
> sources. I also=20
> downloaded the latest snapshot of squid and compiled it too.=20
> Here are my=20
> configure arguments
> --enable-err-language=3DTurkish --enable-removal-policies=3Dheap=20
> --disable-hostname-checks --enable-storeio=3Ddiskd --enable-icmp
> Evren

What's the size of squid process when this occurs ?
Is the system sized according to squid's mem. needs ?