> Hello,
> I have been using squid 2.5 stable for a while with 4.9=20
> version of FreeBSD=20
> and it was working fine for months. Now I had to upgrade to=20
> 5.x version to=20
> get better support for hyperthreading and sata drives.
> When I am using squid with 5.x version of the freebsd. It=20
> crash after 1-3=20
> days of usage randomly.
> The symptoms are that squid use 98% of the cpu and it doesnt respond.
> It just stucks and I cant even send kill -TERM signal to it.=20
> I have tried=20
> using half closed clients option on and off in my conf file=20
> with the same=20
> result.
> Is there anybody else who is having similar problem? I dont=20
> have any ACLs=20
> at all and the same conf file of squid was working with 4.9=20
> stable anyhow.
> Any suggestions?

- which 2.5 stable release are you using ?
- Does squid crash or just consumes lot's of CPU ?
- Anyway whatever, anything in cache.log which could provide
more info ?
Or error related info in cache.log, prior to the real problem
situation you are encountering at a certain point ?
- Possibly weird incompat. issues related to os 'offered' shared libs
may be a culprit. Did you try re-building squid ?


> Thanks,
> Evren=20