Hello List,
I have a problem with squid 2.5.stable2 and the caching of=20
authentication data. I use winbind and wb_group.pl to authenticate to a=20
ntlm-compatible Active Directory Server.=20
This works fine, only members of a certain group may access the=20
internet. When a new user is added to the Active Directory Group, it is=20
almost immediately recognized by squid,=20
But not when it is deleted! it may take up to four days, until this user=20
is blocked from accessing the internet. Only a restart of squid can=20
change this. Then automatically all the new data is used.
Note that wb_group.pl does (like wbinfo) _always_ report the correct=20
data - but squid does seem to cache the user data somewhere.
Thanks in advance,
Mit freundlichen Gr=FC=DFen
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