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Hi Henrik,

At 12.36 03/02/2004, Henrik Nordstrom wrote:

>Another possible workaround is mentioned in MS KB 820780
>This suggests that it may help to make the ERR_CACHE_ACCESS_DENIED message
>larger than 1460 bytes. For high speed LAN users I suspect it needs to be
>substantially larger, for dialup or other slow connections <10MBps just
>above 1460 bytes should be sufficient.
>Please note that the hotfixes mentioned appears to be included in the
>latest IE security update (February 2).

It should be: the release of wininet.dll after apply the patch is now
the KB article is about the 6.0.2800.1243 version.

But, I have a doubt: why using ISA Server with NTLM they are never similar
problems ?
What we don't know about the NTLM implementation of ISA Server ?



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