RedHat 8.0
SQUID Stable 2.4.STABLE7

Have a few users who must upload files (image files) that are in the
20 - 25Mb size range. When the users tries, the (IE) browser dumps
out, and the access.log file shows a NONE/413 status, which (I think)
means, the destination server is refusing that particular file size. I
can cfg my machine to go around the SQUID box, directly to the
firewall, and all works fine. File uploads successfully. The only file
size(s) that will upload successfully thriugh the SQUID proxy are
those under 1Mb. Anything over 1Mb dumps out, and the access log shows
the NONE/413 status. For the successful uploads, I see plenty of
TCP_MISS/200 status lines.

I then allowed a direct connection to the required domain by using:

acl panbasesvr dstdomain
always_direct allow panbasesvr
(panbase is the name of the vendor we are uploading to)

I read another posting that talked about a similar problem, and the
one post stated:

413 == Request Entity too large
You are trying to send more data than your squid.conf allows. I need to correct something in my squid.conf
file.....uh.....what would it be? 'maximum_object_size' ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.