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Hotmail is using CONNECT on some stages, you can see https in address
Ports on squid (exactly), what can be accessed, you can specify on
ACL. Good idea to read DOC's and FAQ on website of squid, it is very

SW> So, there is no way of going on sites like hotmail, and
SW> things like that? What's the CONNECT method? Isn't there any way I
SW> can specify which ports the network can access?

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>> Hello Simon,
>> Monday, February 2, 2004, 6:04:44 AM, you wrote:
>> SW> Hi, I have just set up squid, using the default config file,
>> SW> and nobody can access any sites with imap (and other ports, but
>> SW> only imap noticeably) on them. Is it the clients configuration
>> SW> (MacOS X), or do I need to specify which ports I want the network
>> SW> to access, and if so, how do I do this? Quite a few people who use
>> SW> the network are getting frustrated not being able to check their
>> SW> emails.
>> If i am not understand wrong, Squid didnt have any relation to IMAP
>> and similar ports, it is HTTP/Gopher/FTP over HTTP proxy. Only one way, is connect
>> over CONNECT method, what is pervert method
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