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From: Pedro Miguel Ruivo (TRQV-DSI)
To: squid-users@squid-cache.org
Date: Tuesday, January 27, 2004, 7:42:03 AM
Subject: [squid-users] Accessing site on ports higher than 1024

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I have a linux box which acts as a gateway between my cable modem and my home
I don't have ip_forward enabled meaning that i don't have direct IP access to
the internet.
To access the internet i installed squid (i'm running a debian box) and it
has been working fine to access sites on port 80 and 443.

However now i want to access sites on ports higher that 1024 (ex:
http://xxx.ezoshosting.com:2312 and can't access these sites.
The url provided is just an example in fact i can't access any other site on
any other port than 80 and 443.

Can i use squid to access these sites or do i need a socks proxy like "dante"
Or if squid can do it, what directives do i need to have configured to do it

Pedro Ruivo

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